I won!

My parents generously brought me back to the US for a little three week vacation. It was three weeks filled with excess of all kinds, the way only Americans can do it. The highlight of it was the fundraiser my parents had for the American Association for the Development of Bangou (AADB), the charity I’ve started while being here.


For the fundraiser, I brought African art that was donated from ‘elites’ in my village or I found in different parts of Cameroon. Also the chief of Bangou donated dozens of bottles of ‘piment’ or hot sauce as well as a traditional bag made out of a magistrate monkey skin. The African art was put up for auction where people could see how much people were betting and could one-up each other through-out the night. The chief’s Magistrate monkey bag was put up as a raffle item with tickets going for 2 dollars a piece.


Friends of my parents came by the dozens are started enjoying the open bar and tons of food that each other had made. Also a couple of my friends that could make it, Wayne, Derek, Colby, Antonio and Hope were able to make it.


As the night went on, more people kept showing up and having a good time. My parents really do know how to throw a party/fundraiser. They could start a second career as party hosts. By the end of the night probably over 30 people were there.


At 10:30 we started announcing the winners of the auction. We started with the raffle. Maria, one of the biggest contributors to the charity did the honors and pulled out the winning ticket. And the winner was… Antonio; the president of the charity. I swear it wasn’t rigged, but Antonio was standing right next to me as I announced the winner. He took his monkey bag and helped me call out the rest of the winners.


By the end of the night, after all the art had been sold and donations had been counted, my generous friends had given over 1,600 dollars!


I have to thank first of all my parents for throwing such an amazing fundraiser for AADB. Without them none of this would be happening. I am convinced they are the best parents in the world. All the people that came shared the evening with me for the cause of AADB and my generous friends who have been sending packages and donating money since I got to Africa, donated over 1,600 dollars that night which will go to development projects in Bangou. I promise I will make sure all the money goes to helping the people of Bangou. People will be educated, have good Christmas and eat well because of your generous donations.

peter in his bubu

Peter comes baring gifts

Maria and I

Maria in a Kaba and I

True Africans

Enjoying the party

about to start the presentation

about to start the presentation with my mom and Antonio

the Argentinians

The Argentinians and one Armenian

the end

the end


2 Responses to “the fundraiser”

  1. Jesse Aragon Says:

    Angel, if I order a bogolight… how can I choose to have the second sent to your cause?

  2. agvelarde Says:

    jesse, that is an EXCELLENT question. I will email the owner to see if we can get something worked out.

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