I remember my dad telling me about his reaction to AADBs first project ‘Cadeaux for kids‘ when we gave Christmas presents and food to orphaned and other families in Bangou and Bangangte. The gifts seemed kind of trivial; pens, oil for cooking, a t-shirt, but the families generosity was disproportionally bigger.

You can see they joy and appreciation for such a little act of kindness. My dad reminded me about how when they would give us presents for Christmas, race cars, Xbox, designer clothes, hundreds of dollars in cash, we acted slighty more excited than if I had found 50 cents on the street. The joy of giving, and receiving, had somehow been lost.

Those simple things like genuine excitement and appreciation, generosity, kindness, really are gifts from God and despite all the giving we do on Christmas, don’t forget to appreciate it, and enjoy it. That’s the spirit of Christmas and two years ago I had to go all the way to Cameroon to remember that.

Merry Christmas!