I’ve been back in the United States now for almost six months, although I’ve only been stable the last one. I just moved to Washington, D.C. about three weeks ago and have been searching for a job and found a place to stay here.

But it pains me to see the state of affairs in the US. We have absolutely everything we need, but we seem to want too much. The worst is hearing about NGOs and charities like ACORN and other corrupt organizations that don’t help anyone. Too many organizations that bill themselves as charities give barely anything to actual charities they are championing.

NOT at AADB. 100 percent of all donations from members go directly to cultural and development projects including the annual Anthony Rodriguez Scholarship and building wells as well as supporting the culture of Bangou.

Scams like these make me sick:


And you can be sure that nothing like that will ever happen at AADB.

We do need your help still though, we don’t have near enough money for projects in 2010, and I know a lot of you were waiting closer to Christmas to give, so now is the time! Donate now on americansforbangou.org or you can give me or Anthony a check made out to AADB.