I’m teaching a business and project management class to entrepreneurs in Bangou. The course is 3,000 CFA and runs for 6 weeks, twice a week.

Part of making the classes sustainable is having a local teach along side of me, and it was when I met Jean Calvin who had taken the class twice already, that I found my counterpart for the project.

We teach management, marketing and accounting from a western perspective but taking into account local laws and customs. For most of my examples I will use local businesses or agriculture, and adapt our techniques to managing those local problems.

One particularly positive lesson involved the project management process. I gave the example of two farmers with the amount of money and land, and how each would fare if one just did what the rest of farmers usually do, and the other farmer followed the project management plan. They were genuinely interested as I showed them how the second farmer, by just taking a little bit of time to plan and strategize, would run a successful farm and eventually grow it, where as the first farmer would stay a subsistence farmer his whole life.

As with most of my activities AADB again helped. We charged 3,000 CFA for the classes, but to encourage women, AADB paid 2,000 for women who signed up.