They grow up so fast. Can you believe it was only a few months ago that I adopted 5 chickens to test my hand at chicken raising. They’re getting so big now. But we all know what happens to chickens, they get eaten! (maybe that is why they are so scared.)

The other chickens aren’t big enough to eat however, so I had to sell them. I kept SOP however, the biggest one of them, who I figured was big enough to eat.

The first few days I had SOP alone, he was really sad – lonely. I could tell he missed his friends, so I let him come up to the house and spent a lot of time with him. However, A man can only spend so much time alone with his rooster, so I left him alone for a few days.


look at how little and cute they used to be. I can still tell each of them apart though.


wrestling before bed


like all African chickens, they love watermelon!


they’re all grown up, but still sleep in the same room