If I were to go back and read the first posts on my blog, I would probably laugh at what I found to be worth blogging about. Things like eating a meal with your hands, being woken up by rooster crows and bathing with a bucket of water have become a normal part of living here. Not in the visiting for a while kind of way either, but in that home is now Bangou, and a small part of me will stay here when I leave.

So what have I learned here? It’s not about the knowledge I’ve gained or new things I’ve tried, but it’s a part of life that I’ve gained. It’s as if my life is a giant puzzle piece and some more pieces have been put together during my time here. You can call it wisdom or just plain ol’ livin’, but a more complete picture now lies in front of me.

I’ve made friendships that have made my life better, learned a new language and can have basic conversations in yet another, I’ve been given a nobility title by the Chief or King of my village along with some land where I am free to build if I want, I’ve taught dozens of people new skills that has already helped them improve their lives, I’ve created an Association that will continue helping and building the village of Bangou and I’ve made new contacts from all over the world.

In some ways my time in Bangou has been too short to truly finish the work I started, but with the Association and friendships I’ve made here, the work has just begun.