Maybe I’ve been overly positive about Africa during my time here, or maybe things really have been too good. So I guess I needed a little reality check to keep me humble.
I go to the Development Center/Computer lab about once a week to check out the progress but mostly to get online myself. Since I have to get on a motorcycle to get there, I have to wear a helmet, which is required for all Peace Corps volunteers. I traveled the thirty minutes there, did what I needed to do and came back to Bangou Carrefour and my house. Both times I noticed my head itched, which was frustrating because you can’t scratch your head with a motorcycle helmet on. But upon reaching my house, I looked inside my helmet and saw a cockroach inside. Nothing like that to bring you back to reality.
This is actually my second incident with a motorcycle helmet, the first was when I was back in the US and was riding my bike to work. I went to spit as I was driving with my helmet on and I guess forgot the visor was down.
You have to take the good with the bad in Africa, but at least in Africa, as bad as it gets, it can often lead to a pretty interesting story afterwards. I’ll never forget my time here, the challenges and opportunities and successes, they’ve been worth a helmet full of cockroaches.