Last Christmas I was able to give, from the gifts and money you sent, Christmas presents to orphans and poor families who could not afford to do anything for Christmas.

This year, again I stayed in Bangou, but since my role here is in terms of development, AADB instead donated a generator to the Chief.
This Chief, as I’ve written before is the traditional leader and ruler of the village. He doesn’t really own anything, but instead it is all given by the village. So the house he lives in, the car he drives and the field he cultivates, was all given by people from his village.

One of the Chief’s roles is one of guardian to tradition and culture. One of the ways he does this is by receiving visitors at the palace and telling them about Bangou and making them feel welcome.
Since we are in Cameroon, often, when the Chief hosting visitors and it is already dark, the lights will go out and they’ll have to sit in the dark or candle light until the lights come back on, which sometimes can take the whole night. This puts a damper on the reception and often ends it early.

But starting 2009, the Chief will be able to host people and meetings at the Chefferie without worrying about having light because the generous donation of AADB.

From the Chief, a “Grand Merci!” to everyone involved with AADB.
As a thanks, he also wants me to mention that any of my friends and family that comes to Bangou for the Cultural Festival on April 4th to represent AADB will receive a title of nobility, along with me.

Pretty cool incentive to come I think, so start planning the trip!