There was a cultural festival in Batibo, which is a village in the Northwest province of Cameroon, about 2 ½ hours from my post. Usually admin is pretty strict about us traveling, but I was going to be part of the cultural festival, as a performer with another volunteer, and to represent the diversity committee.

The festival was to start at 9 am, but it didn’t start until after 1 in the afternoon, which means many of the performances were cut out, including my diversity session, but I was still able to perform an acoustic version of Billy Jean and “let it be” by the Beatles with my colleague.

It didn’t go very well; there wasn’t a good set up for my solo performance and half way thru Billy Jean I forgot the words, so I improvised and did a little Michael Jackson dance and moonwalk which I later heard was the highlight of the show for some, and the performance with my colleague was cut short and was marred by technical difficulties and my confusion of the chords.

Here are a few pics. I think my colleague is going to upload a video at some point and I’ll post it here.