Recently I spent a few days in Yaounde shopping for the Development Centre of Bangou ville and doing some medical stuff. While I was there I got the chance to catch up on some internet stuff. Funny how I’m helping open up a computer lab and I don’t have a computer or internet access myself.

While in Yaounde it happened to be someone’s birthday so we went out as a group to the Hilton which is the nicest and most expensive hotel in Yaounde. Between 4 and 6 however they have happy hour, where you buy one (ridiculously priced) drink, and you get another free.

I tried ordering a couple of things and they didn’t know how to make it, so I offered to go to the bar and teach them. I made a Long Island Iced tea, although they didn’t have margarita mix, and afterwards I talked to the manager of the bar. She would like me to come and teach some bartending classes to the bartenders.

I said I’d think about it, but I might do it after I am done with my contract here. I can work out where they pay me 50,000 cfa a week, give me a room, and I can work for maybe 2 weeks or so before heading back to the US. I’m going to think about it. It also depends on the job situation back home in August, September.

Here are some pics from Yaounde.


I saw this in the streets of Yaounde. Very typical, old French guy with a young African girl.


Family photo at the hilton


An example of the kind of english that is spoken in Cameroon. It is basically translated English from French.