Corruption is part of life in Cameroon. You can’t get rid of it, you can’t escape it. From an outsider’s perspective, it seems so easy, just ask that your politicians not be corrupt, and only vote for the ones that are not, but it isn’t easy.


The culture is such that what we call corruption is just part of regular life. Leaders are like the fathers of the country, and are expected to take care of their kids, but are also expected to take their part.


So the politicians enrich themselves and let the power get to their head.


It took the west hundreds of years to go from feudalism (basically what we have here), to the republican governments we have now. Who knows what kind of government we’ll have in Cameroon in a hundreds years, but it will be interesting to see.


That reminds me of Churchill’s quote, that democracy is the worst type of government, except for all others.


So, if not the US, what is the best country in the world, and how would you even rate it? Maybe in the running could be some countries like Saudi Arabia (if you’re a rich Arab oil Tycoon) or South Africa (if you’re a rich white diamond magnate) or the Vatican (if you’re catholic), but I think for the regular Joe (the plumber), America offers the most opportunity to make what you want out of life. We bitch about our political correctness, big government, high taxes, crowded malls and Mc-everything, but even when some anarchist is out there burning our flag, he is showing us what makes our country great.


So, seriously, what other countries are possible contenders against the US?


Also, Justin once mentioned that the whole world could team up against the US and the US would still win in a war. I’m not sure that’s true, but what do you think?