I was reading here about an ammendment to make English the official language at all public meetings in Missouri.

I think they’re missing the point. American should adopt more languages, not less. One, of the many, reasons that America is so great is that you can find someone that speaks every language in the world within our borders.

So I say we adopt an ammendment to make us a bilingual country, like Canada or Cameroon. Heck, lets make it trilingual, English, Spanish and French; or Pidgin, Portuguese, whatever.

This whole ammendment thing to limit us to one language is small minded and implicitly ethonophobic. Face it people, we live in a diverse country, in fact, that is the reason we are the greatest country in the world, and to change it to make our country more exclusive would be a mistake.

As for the actual ammendment however, I don’t mind. In fact, as a liberterian I admire the state trying to make one language its official language. If a million chinese immigrants moved to North Dakota and decided to make the state’s official language Cantonese, more power to them.