The day after the election, I came back to village where I took a long nap that took most of the day.

After I woke up, I went out and the Chief invited me to the chefferie to celebrate Obama’s victory. To them, Obama’s victory is a victory in Democracy, he called it a true democracy, I guess in comparison to what there is in Cameroon.

A few more people showed up to the chefferie, including an RDPC representative. RDPC is Paul Biya’s party, and really the only party with any kind of chance at winning at most elections.

Talking about the hope that someone like Obama brings to high government, that anyone can be president, really got people excited about what they could see in their own country. The RDPC representative started talking about working with anyone who is willing to work on development in the village.

To his defense, this particular RDPC representative is someone that is not corrupt and does in fact work with anyone who is willing to help the village of Bangou.

It was cool seeing the hope that our elections are bringing across the world in the small village of Bangou and I’m sure, in forgotten villages all across the world.