There is a reason there are so many ways of saying the same thing. It’s true. I hope I’m not doing just that here in Africa, so I try my hardest to always stay motivated, to keep the whole “change the world” spirit alive. I believe I’m doing it, with the help and support of my friends and family back in the US.

Speaking of not wasting time, I am taking a two week vacation, and going to the North of Cameroon. It’s a place totally different than the highlands where I now reside. Some days can get up to 130 degrees. One of my goals is to not complain about the heat. We’ll see how that goes. I’m also going to try to make it to Waza, which is a safari and hopefully see some lions and other wild animals in their original habitat.

I probably won’t be able to post much on my blog until I get back but hopefully I’ll have some good pictures and stories to tell about the North of Cameroon.

By the time I get back, Antonio will have gone to the Army, so if I don’t talk to you before then, good luck. I’m pretty sure that with your kind of intensity, Iraq will be fixed in a few days, or become WW3.

AADB has recently given another scholarship, this time to computer training for a kid with one arm. Aladji, my cultural counterpart, opened up a small office where they will be doing computer type work such as typing documents and printing, invitations, etc. It’s good business in Cameroon, it’s relevant and it is the only place like it in Bangou. This will also double as the ‘pied a terre’ in Bangou for AADB. After the computer training, if he does well, Aladji will give him a job as one of the typists at the office.

The development center, which AADB is helping build, should be open by the end of the month; I’ll keep you up to date of the progress.

I’m becoming more and more convinced, that despite my fundamental differences with the Democratic party, this year, for president, we do indeed need change. But we can’t rectify mistakes of the past by electing McCain even though he should have been president in 2000.