I will have internet for a few more days before I’m cut off for a while, and I’ve taken advantage during this time to catch up on current events and news from my friends.

First I’d like to give a great thanks to our first president of AADB, Anthony Rodriguez for helping us get AADB of the ground. Since I arrived in Cameroon, he has been one of my biggest supporters and shown me what being a good friend is all about, and beyond that, he has made every effort, even when financially strenuous, to help get AADB off the ground. His scholarship, which gives 20 kids at the Bangou high school a scholarship will be an on going program that will allow kids to get an education even if their families do not have the money. He is now moving on to a new part of his life as an officer in the US Army. Good luck and God bless you.

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Stoner, one of my best friends from college is having another baby. She promises to name this one after me.

So are Brian and Julie. They are going to put Decatur dirt under whatever bed Julie delivers to make sure the baby is born on “Decatur soil”.

Clay Aiken came out. Duh.

The Cowboys are on their way to a Super Bowl if Tony Romo can keep his mind of this:

The US government bailout of Wall Street firms that made bad investments. When I make a bad investment, I just have to work harder, but when multi-billion dollar companies make bad investments they ask Uncle Sam to come foot the bill. The problem is, there is a bill, and it is getting footed. The 700 billion doesn’t just go away, it goes from the balance sheets of Americas greediest corporations who have profited by tens if not hundreds of billions during the boom, to the American tax payers, that is everyone else in the US. We are of course already in a huge deficit, and this will only make it worse.

Obama vs McCain. If it was to the average African, Obama would win by a landslide.