Across the West province of Cameroon, land of the Bamileke, being given a title by the Chief or King of the village is a great honor. Many of my friends in my village are notables and every Peace Corps volunteer that has served in Bangou has been given a title. When I asked my cultural counterpart, Aladji, why they have all have gotten titles, seemingly regardless of their work, he said that someone that leaves America, their friends, family, job, etc, to come live with and help the people of Bangou deserves a title.

Imagine my disappointment when I recently found an amendment to the US constitution currently in the books that would revoke American citizenship to any who accepted a title of nobility or honor from a foreign nation. This would apply to Americans being knighted by the Queen of England or receiving a title from the King of Bangou. This so called missing thirteenth amendment, the Title of Nobility or Honor Amendment* has already been ratified by 12 states and it has no date of expiry, so it could still be passed.

So I implore my friends to write your congressman and tell them to not vote for the missing thirteenth amendment.

*The amendment was proposed on May 1810