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Soon, I will help install the Development centre of Bangou in Bangou-ville, the administrative centre of Bangou. From here, we will teach computer classes, people will be able to use the internet café, a children’s library and playground will be built and meetings concerning the development of Bangou will take place. It’s pretty exciting helping build such a simple yet significant idea.

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Already, the land was donated, a building was built, electricity brought in and the place cleaned and prepared for the centre. We have 10 donated computers which I’ve restored and added RAM so that they could run Windows XP and installed the software they needed.

But we just need a little more. We need to buy one more computer, something that was built this decade, so that it can run a network amongst the other computers and connect to the internet and run the cyber café. I’ve sold my laptop and will use some of the money for the networking, the cabling and peripherals and electricity regulators to the run computer lab. So now, if I need to use a computer I will have to get out of the house and use it at the computer lab. I’m tying my own fortune (a laptop and access to a computer), to this project.

I’ve submitted a Peace Corps Partnership Project, which will monitor the project and funds, where people can donate online through the secure Peace Corps website. The money will go directly to the project and help increase education in Bangou. If there’s one thing I’ve learned while being here is that, especially in small African villages, MOTIVATION is the key (Although I originally learned that from my friend Nugget). Without it, all the education, tools, cars, roads and computers won’t do anything for development. This Development centre will bring computers and internet to students; some, who have never seen a computer, have never even heard of the internet. It will motivate them to learn.

That’s my dream at least. In Sub-Saharan Africa, there is very little to help motivate students because of the amount of corruption, lack of infrastructure and poor education being supplied to students. However, everyone here, no matter what age, is interested in computers. We can put them to good use and make Bangou the best small village in Cameroon.

If you can donate 50 dollars to the project it will be greatly appreciated. That’s what, a nice dinner for two, a night out on the town, or from what I hear now, less than a full tank of gas. The 50 dollars will go a long way and I will keep you informed of the progress on this blog. Even if you can’t give, please forward this to your friends who might be interested. Thanks.

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