Apparently there was almost a war and I never even knew about it:

CALABAR, Nigeria (AP) — Nigeria on Thursday officially handed over to Cameroon full ownership of a peninsula that nearly ignited a border war between the two neighboring African nations.

Officials from both countries signed a document in which Nigeria agreed to withdraw any claims on the Bakassi Peninsula, in keeping with a 2002 international court ruling that determined Cameroon is the rightful owner.

I hadn’t heard anything about it, but if there was to be a war, my money would be on Nigeria. The Nigerians I’ve met are huge, and at 5’10” I’m actually one of the tallest people in my village. Then again it depends, the people from Grand North of Cameroon are rumored to be 7 feet tall.

It’s funny how stereotypes work though; When I came here everyone had the impression that Americans are really tall because the first volunteer was 6’3”. I’m happy with my 5’10” though. I can always find clothes that fit me and blood easily reaches all parts of my body.

That has nothing to do with the Nigerian/Cameroonean border dispute though. I hope nothing happens, cause then we would be evacuated, and the development of Bangou is really coming along.