This past weekend was filled with two very busy days sandwiching a Saturday filled with nothing but watching the first season of Heroes.

The volunteer that was in Bangou before me decided to extend her PC service and work in a bigger town for the UNDP, a United Nations development program. It is great experience for someone wanting to get into the development field. So after her one year extension, it was time to say good bye, so she came back to Bangou, the town when she spent the majority of her service and had a good bye party. The guy that is replacing her as well as another volunteer and other friends of her from the large city she now works in came with her. The chief of Bangou gave her some fruit which is a benediction that he gives to bring you good luck. She also got some presents from her other friends.

Sunday there was a baptism at church for two of my friends, a brother of the Chief and one of his daughters. The ceremony of course started way too late and went way too long, but it was nice being there for friends. Afterwards there was a reception at the chefferie where we ate and the two guest pastors at the church proceeded to get drunk on wine. One was especially loud and after too much wine, decided that anything he had to say had to be said in the way of a speech, which had to finish in a very longwinded prayer. Then, before we left he had the audacity to ask the Chief from across the hall to come over to where he was (you don’t tell the Chief to do anything, you go to him) so he could give a good bye speech, during which he lectured the Chief on being a good Christian Chief and rebuke the tradition. Even the other pastors were pretty flabbergasted by this and could not wait to leave. I got a ride back to two from the police chief, but then he invited me and the pastors and a few others back to his place. I tried to refuse telling him of my annoyance of the one pastor, but he wouldn’t let me refuse. So I stayed and watched the pastors drink more beer and wine, along with a whole bottle of whiskey. A somewhat amusing part of this was one of the pastors giving a long winded speech about God blessing the chief so he can continue to host pastors in this manner and then give a synopsis of Napoleon and the first world war, because the whiskey they were about to drink was called Napoleon.

In between these two fetes I spent my whole Saturday at home watching the first season of Heros. Pretty good show, but afterwards my eyes hurt from staring at my computer screen and I promised myself I would not watch another show for at least a week. I would rank the show slightly higher than nip/tuck but no where near 24 or Lost.