I’ve started giving computer lessons from Monday thru Thursday. I’m going to continue for about 6 weeks, but after 2 days I’m already tired of teaching. It’s very exhausting because each student is at a different level, usually “what is a mouse?” so to have to explain every little detail and talk everyone thru how to click on something, anything, in my bad French, is frustrating.

At the end of the day, I’m tired, but it’s a good tired, unlike a few weekends ago when I spent the whole day watching almost a complete season of 24 on my laptop. This seems like it actually accomplished something. Already there is a little progress. The first day I tested everyone’s level manipulating the mouse. There was a simple computer game designed by some PCVs that help test their skill level. Faster you complete a certain task, with the least amount of errors, the better. One girl finished the task the first time in 120 seconds with 72 errors. After two days of lessons she took the test again and was down to 70 seconds with 20 errors.

Also, there was a girl who was about 13 years old who seemed to mess everything up and was always looking around to see what other people are doing. I sat down next to her and told her to read the instructions to me. She couldn’t. She hadn’t been reading anything on the computer. I closed the computer program and asked her to click Start on the taskbar. She couldn’t find the big green button that said Start. I led her outside and told her to see me after I was done. She never came, but I asked her sister to ask her to come again, that I wanted to help her. I hope she comes, although it might be a case of the blind leading the blind with my French grammar level.