There are two things about me which I think are related. First, I am a libertarian. I like government to stay out of the way of individual decisions as long as they don’t hurt anyone else. Second, I am a Calvinist, which in the Christian world means someone that can do nothing and has done nothing to choose his faith, but because God chose that person to be a Christian, he in fact is.


I think those two viewpoints reflect pretty much who I am for one single reason. They are somewhat dichotomous. Take the first example; that I am a libertarian. I would have voted for Ron Paul. Yet I am in the Peace Corps, a government agency that sends educated Americans all over the world to help develop their countries on tax payer’s dollar.


Second, I am a Calvinist, yet most people know that I’m a Christian. What that means is that I’ve made an effort and have conversations about my religion and it is an important thing about me. But if I have nothing to do with being a Christian, why do I want everyone to know that about me?


I like dichotomies in my life. I am brutally honest, overly generous and have an opinionated open mind. No matter what issue is being discussed, I will automatically look for the opposite or alternate viewpoint. This sometimes annoys other people.


In a work environment you have a boss to answer to, and they make the decisions. So when they tell me, go do this and do it this way, and the first thing I do is go and look for another way of doing it, it can be irritating.


That’s not to say I’m unmanageable. The manager who probably got the most out of me was one who told me, ‘I want to get here’, and to go make it happen. I happily put in more hours for any of her projects than anyone else, and she appreciated it.


In my new project, the development of Bangou, under the watchful eye of the biggest bureaucracy in the world, I have an insurmountable problem to deal with, tight limits on how to accomplish it, and way too little time.


But I am going to make the most I can out of it, and in fact, we have taken a step outside the box with AADB and the changes we will accomplish in Bangou are something that everyone that has contributed to will be able to point to and be proud of.


God willing, the development of Bangou will continue even after the time I’m here, but then again, that book has already been written and we’re just waiting to get there.