When I got back to Cameroon, I went to live in a new house. My last house was big, but probably too big, and the biggest problem was that I had no phone reception, so I was continuously missing calls.

This new place is on the second floor of a two story house. The first floor is occupied by an Express Union (in partnership with Moneygram), a small general store and a small hardware store (seems unnecessary to mention that they’re small since there are no Wal-marts or Home Depots here).

I now get reception and have some decent places to sit and sleep, since she furnished some good chairs and an actual mattress, but there are all sorts of problems. The electricity only works out of one outlet in the whole house, in the living room, so that is where I spend all my time. Since I have to plug everything into one plug, it creates a big disorder so I can’t really have people over because of the necessary mess.

Also, I finally got my question answered regarding plumbing. When you flush the toilet, where does all the shit go? In my case, not really anywhere. The tube that carries the dirty water who knows where, is not connected, so since I arrived here I would have done just as well to shit in my backyard, because that is where it’s all going.

Then there are also the little things like the bed is too small for the mattress, the steps are uneven, ceiling tiles falling down, etc. These are things that people in the US would not put up with, but in Bangou, I’m still living in general luxury.

Plus I really don’t want to have to move again. I’ve already put like 40,000 franks into this house and I really love the view from the second story and having phone reception.

this is what I see every morning when I wake up during the rainy season