One of my favorite parts of going back to the US was visiting my sister and her boyfriend in Houston and meeting the bogo light founders. I don’t know why, but something about Houston has always made me dislike it, I think it is the humid weather or that it is so big yet it doesn’t seem to have that much ‘character’.

However, this visit was very fun and I had a great time staying at her apartment, driving her BMW and visiting Houston.

On the way down from Dallas, I was driving my little brother’s Ford Mustang and I ran into a big white box that a truck must have dropped and dented the bumper a bit. Finally, after I made it to Houston, I waited around for my sister in her apartment with Ricky. We had a few beers, hung out and watched the game, then went to bed.

The next day, my sister let me borrow her BMW with the excuse that I was going to bring it to the dealership to get it checked out. It turns out that the BMW is by appointment only (snobs) and so I made an appointment and started heading back towards the Galleria, a huge mall in Houston, where I was going to meet my sister for lunch. On the way there I got lost trying to find a road that runs parallel to the road I was originally on. While driving around in circles, I saw the office for sun night solar. Sun Night Solar ( is the company that makes, a solar powered flashlight that gives its flashlights away to poor countries with electricity problems (umm… I’m in Cameroon). While in training, another volunteer introduced me to bogolights and told me about mission. I thought it was pretty cool so I tried to get them to send me some to give away in Cameroon. They didn’t give me any, but then my friend emailed them for me and got them to agree to give me some when I came back for vacation.

So I am driving around, lost, in Houston and I somehow run right into their office. I decide that it must be faith and I turn around and go in. I am greeted by the COO of the company and after I explain the serendipitous situation, she goes and gets the CEO who is also at the office. I explain who I am, and they are very welcoming and even show me around the office and their top secret prototype flashlight they are working on (your secret is safe with me).

After a warm welcome he gives me six flash lights to give away to people in my village. Being that people in my village have seen the flash lights and love them, I bought two more so I would have them all to give out.

I have already given some of them out and there will be an upcoming blog on it soon.

After my great fortune, I finally made it to the Galleria and had lunch with my sister, then went back to her place. Later that night we went out to a Mexican restaurant then drove around looking for a place to get tattoos. They were all closed so I guess it wasn’t meant to be. So we just went home and Ricky and I stayed up playing Texas Hold ‘Em until 3 in the morning (I won both games).

The next day we said our goodbyes (I really miss my sister, she’s great), and went on my way. At the woodlands I stopped and had lunch with Travis, an ex PC volunteer from my training group who ET’d (quit) and was now back in Houston. At the same time I met up with a girl I had dated a while back. It was difficult trying to spend quality time with both of them but it was good seeing them both. Again we said our goodbyes and I was back on my way back to Dallas.