The flight from the US back to Cameroon was so long! I had a 23 hour layover in Brussels, which meant I had to stay in a hotel. That is when I found out, the dollar is worth crap in Europe. Take my advice, do not go to Europe on vacation, you won’t be able to afford anything. Instead, come to Bangou, Cameroon and let me treat you to small African village tradition which is the most welcoming in the entire world.

Another tip is to dress very professional when coming to Africa. I had heard horror stories of volunteers coming back from vacation and airport officials pulling them out and demanding money for anything in their bag. In Brussels before leaving, I put on a suit and tie, and it felt like I had the red carpet rolled out for me. I even went through the diplomat exit of the airport; I just told them I was with the PC.

Since I’ve been back, I’ve been very busy going back to my post, then having to come back to Yaoundé for committee meetings, then back to post, then back again to Yaoundé for development meetings with the Cameroonean congressman in my region.

It feels like all the wheel turning is finally starting to pay off, and that the work we did in the US for the AADB is about to pay off.

On top of that though, I also moved into a new house, which I needed to do because the last one didn’t have phone reception so I was constantly missing calls from the US and from people in village.

So back to work I guess, but I think this next year is going to be very good.