I’ve been back in Texas now for about 2 weeks enjoying home and American cooking, mixed drinks, white people and television. At first there was some adjustment, but is it really that difficult to adjust back to an easier life? However, I did have some moments where my African experience was a hindrance.


Greeting neighbors with the double hands up

When my hands are wet or dirty, offering a wrist

Answering the random question in French

Forgetting how to say certain things in English

Snapping my fingers at a black waitress at Hooters then apologizing by saying ‘that’s how we do it in Africa’. I swear that’s what I said. She was a good sport about my faux pas.

Walking out of a restaurant, I turned towards a bush to ‘use the restroom’

Urge to throw my garbage anywhere

Belief that black people should automatically like me (they do in my village)

Wanting to honk my horn at anything that moved

Thinking my shoes were too dirty to go out in


Then there was also adjusting back to the food in the US, which gave me the runs the first couple of days.


Overall, not a bad couple of weeks spent living in excess; but it’s time to go back.


But not without knowing that I have an amazing family, amazing friends (who I can beat at the punching game, all of them) and a pretty damn good life.