Farming is a big part of living in Cameroon. I of course know nothing of farming, which puts me at a disadvantage because if I really wanted to help the people of Bangou, I would bring tractors, genetically altered seeds and other agricultural know-how to the village.

95 percent of families have at least a small field where they cultivate corn, peanuts or beans depending on the season. The chief has invited me to tour his field which is quite large and help out. He put a stick in my hands and I beat at some dried out bushes until beans came flying out. Later, the women would come back and collect the beans and put them in large sacks which he will later sell at the market.

His pet project however is a ‘piment’ project. He grows ‘piment’ which is a pepper grown exclusively in the West province of Cameroon. He makes a hot sauce which is oil based from the piment which he sells to whomever he can. He is working with another charity in trying to get funding for a machine to help him make and bottle the hot sauce. Right now it is all done by hand. I am going to bring a few bottles back as part of the fundraising efforts for the AADB and I think you will enjoy them. My dad as well as the Franks and others are hot sauce connoisseurs and I’m sure they’ll attest to the quality. Ideas for other products from Africa which you may be interested in or that we can use for fundraising are appreciated.