I hadn’t written a blog in a long time, although you might not be able to tell since I all the posts are weeks late anyway. But now I’m almost near the end of my queue so I’d figure I’d write something.


Although we’re kind of out of the loop in terms of news, people in Cameroon still know about the presidential race and we talk about it here as well. Being that the average volunteer is pretty liberal, it is no surprise most of are democrats, and most of those are choosing to side with Barack. Same with most Camerooneans. This got me thinking about running mates. What if Barack chose Westley Clark as a running mate? McCain and Colin Powell? McCain and Condelezza Rice? Hilary and … Bill?

Cameroon politics:

Politics are a bit of a joke here as the President’s RDPC party controls most of the money, and all the offices. The president who has been in power for 25 years, has centralized power and does not have a good record of being very transparent. He recently got Congress (almost all of them RDPC) to agree to change the constitution to make it possible for him to stay in power indefinitely.

I think the reason why he wants to stay in power so bad is because he has been in power for so long, and absolute power, absolutely corrupts, so that even if when he came to power 25 years ago, he truly was a good leader and wanted the best for his country, he is now mostly caught up in just trying to stay in power so people won’t find out how much money he has been stealing.

Most great leaders in the history of politics, in my opinion have had this in common, George Washington, Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, all, like Seinfeld, went out on top, even though most of their constituents wanted them to stay in power.


I heard from a friend who was in the PC with me in Cameroon and now is back in the States. He said that after being there, going out to the bars and striking up conversations with American women had lost its appeal. I know the PC changes you, but if I’m not going to be able to date American women when I get back, I better start finding me an African princess.


I have been reading so many books since I got here; I may be at around 100 by now. Something about reading that is just more fulfilling than watching TV. Speaking of, I recently bought every episode of 24, Nip/Tuck, Lost, Hero’s and a bunch of different movies. I’m not admitting to anything, but Chinese copies of these DVDs cost way less, and many volunteers get them this way.


I’m pretty sure I would do quite well in Fear Factor when it came down to eating nasty stuff. Turns out the nasty stuff is really not that nasty if you prepare it with the right sauce.


AADB, the charity to help the people of Bangou will occupy most of my time in the US, along with eating large quantities of pizza. I have an opportunity, while I’m here, to help in ways that merely giving to a large corporate charity cannot. It is personal and while I’m here I’m going to do my best to bring the people of Bangou the opportunity to better themselves and their community. That the kids of Bangou are the healthiest, best educated, most responsible kids in all of Cameroon.