Even in Africa, you can’t get away from the excitement of the American Presidential race. Although McCain is already in, the Obama vs. Hilary race is still going on, although it seems like Obama is going to win in the end.

But once Obama beats Hilary, does he have a chance against McCain? He is actually favored being that most people are tired of a Republican White House, but, I think McCain can pull it out.

What if, McCain were to select as his running mate someone like Colin Powell? He might neutralize Obama’s race and shift the discussion to experience, in which McCain wins pretty easily.

If Hilary wins, I think she loses the election. Independents that supported Obama will go to the Maverick McCain and leave Hilary with the Democrat base.

These are just thoughts; I wanted Ron Paul in the White House.

Anyway, I thought I would add my two cents. If it counts for anything, Cameroon and from what I’ve heard the majority of Africans are for Obama.