I came home late one night from work, and when I went in my room, I saw Marcel lounging under my bed.

“Long see no time”, I told my furry friend as he ran around in circles looking for an exit. But there was none. The only way in and out of my room, even for a mouse, was the door, which I was blocking.

I set up a blockade using some fly catching stuff and some bottles. If Marcel got past me and the funnel, he would have to pass thru the sticky fly catching material, and even if he got past that, the bottles would make it difficult to pass quickly.

I stood outside the door and waited for a while, but he wasn’t moving. There was no way he was coming towards the door with me standing there. Finally, I went inside my room and closed in on him, forcing him toward the exit.

Finally, he made a run for it, as he ran past me; I let him go to see if my blockade would trap him. He made it past the fly catching sticky stuff, but he hit the bottles full force and rolled back towards the sticky stuff and became stuck.

“Gotcha!”, I yelled out, but as soon as he was stuck, he became unstuck and jumped over the bottles. I quickly brought the funnel down towards him full force and I think I got the tail, but missed his body completely. Off he went into the nearest crack in the wall.

marcel under the bed

Marcel hidding under the bed

he wont get away this time