I live in the middle of my village, so whenever there is a party, I can hear it. Since Christmas and New Years is just a big party, I couldn’t sleep all night on Christmas and decided to skip out of town for New Years.

I went to Buea, which at the foot of Mount Cameroun, the tallest point in West Africa. Along with a couple of others, we climbed the mountain, taking the 4 day route.

I had never done any multiple day climbing, and the only other time I tried doing any significant hiking, down the Grand Canyon, I sprained my ankle two miles down, and had to climb back up on one foot by myself. That experience turned out to be the hardest thing I have ever done. At times I didn’t if I would make it all the way back up.

Climbing Mount Cameroun, halfway up, I didn’t know if I would make it all the way up the mountain either. There were some majestic images on the way up and down the mountain and on the summit, and I’m glad I did it, but I don’t know if I’d do it again. If there weren’t other people there I would have just turned around.

The way up was difficult, but so was the way down. We did the 4 day trip, but we decided to do it in 3 days, and by the last day we were dead tired, sore and barely able to move, but somehow we made it all the way back down to the beach. It was a good way to end the hike and I am now probably in the best shape ever after having done it, but if I learned one thing from it is that I am not a hiker.

Here are some of the pictures (not all of them are mine):


making our way over the cloud-line


taking a little rest and the scenery 


the scenery right after the clouds is my favorite. It makes you feel like you’re on top of the world 


This guy is 18, with a giant sack on his back, and was running circles around us 


The guides fixed us up some rice/veggie mix for dinner. it could have been rat and it would have been delicious. Oh wait, I already eat rat at post. 


We made it! Highest peak in West Africa. Everest, you’re next! 


Decending from the summit was even harder, but prettier since we took a different and longer route, all the way back down to the beach