A while back, I went to watch an English club which the volunteer from Bana which is about 30 minutes from here is in charge of at her school. I thought it would be a good idea to start an English club here so I wanted ideas.


The day I went, they were rehearsing for a school-wide show where all the clubs were going to be part of the show. The English club decided to write and sing a song that could be both entertaining and had a good message. This is their unedited song:


We are the children of the English club

It is a pleasure for us today

To receive our dear parents and other visitors



So we say

We welcome you

We say welcome to you


Oh youth of Cameroon, let us find our liberty

Let us promote peace in all nations

And also be united as to make a better nation


Let praise God that he should bless our nation

Youth of Cameroun

Let celebrate this occasion in success

And may God bless us


Let wype up alcoholism, smoking

And say no to vandalism, tribalism

That we should not keep and want it for gold

This day is calling us



Hearing it sang was the highlight of my week, and I wish everyone could have heard it. At least they’re trying, and I imagine when I speak, my French probably sounds like their English sounds to me. Maybe worse.