Since being here, the reason as to why the majority of the continent of Africa is the least developed continent (not counting Antartica) has interest me. I of course refuse any reasoning having to do with evolutionary underdevelopment of African blacks in comparison to whites which is the implicit reasoning in racism.

I think the answer comes if we go back to the last Ice Age. After the last Ice age it has been established that 2/3’s of all large mammals in North America and 4/5’s of all large mammals in Australia died off relatively rapidly. Similar extinctions happened in Europe, South America and Asia.

However, this mass extinction for the most part eluded the African continent. And so, with large animals which were too large to coexist alongside humans now gone in most of the world, we were now free to start building large settlements and establish civilizations. This can be seen of course mostly in Europe which had the highest population density. North America still had a small human population from first crossing the Bering Straight during the Ice Age, and only after the mass extinctions were they able to continue to migrate southward and establish settlements. I have no idea how the heck the Aborigene’s got to Australia, but I assume their history is similar.

In contrast, the people of Africa continued living in small tribes and developed a coexistence with the large animals; hunting them and fearing them as predators. This kept their knowledge bound to their small tribes and specific to what they did, such as hunting, exploring, small farming, etc.

Learning this through reading has expanded my appreciation for being here and seeing the struggle of the African people who for thousands of years depended on their own tribes and coexistence with nature for their survival, now try to adapt to a vastly different way of life which Europeans invented and now rules the world. Unfortunately, this also means that the great knowledge and appreciation of animals that these small tribes have is dying off along with them.