Most of the volunteers bought this recipe book called ‘Chop fayner’ which gives us recipes for African foods and ways to make American meals with food available here. However, nowhere in the Chop Fayner have I found a recipe for what has become my favorite food here, and maybe ever, ‘les anatons’

Anatons are freaking delicious and it’s hard to describe the exact flavor except that it is somewhat familiar.

So I bought some anatons and got to work on cooking them.

First you wash them thoroughly because they are always bought fresh from the fields. Next you cut them in down the middle so that the natural oil from the anatons come oozing out. You don’t want to cut them in half, but you want them to ooze out their insides. These natural oils from the anatons make it possible to skip oil while cooking them and it’s good for you as well.

Next, you can season them with whatever condiment you want, ‘piment’ and a little salt or a magi cube are the usual condiments used here. Then you fry them in a pan, with no oil, their natural oils are enough, or if you’d like, you can use a little butter. You can either serve on some bread, or my favorite, when their almost done, take them out, then put them in with some rice and continue cooking.

Bon apetit.