After the first three months at post, all the people that trained together went to Kribi for Inter-Service Training (IST). Kribi happens to be a beach town in Cameroun which is pretty touristy for Camerounean standards. It also happened to be my birthday as well as a couple of others during IST so we were able to spend it together. After our morning and early afternoon sessions, we would go to the beach and layout and play on the beach and at night have a beer in town while enjoying either hot dogs which are very rare in Cameroun, or grilled fish which they have quite a bit of in Kribi. A few times while laying out and watching the sunset towards South America, I smiled to myself thinking about how easy my job is right now. My actual birthday, I got to talk to my sister and Antonio. I forgot to bring my cell phone charger thought so after a few days of use my phone died and I didn’t get any other phone calls. Sorry if you tried calling. I got to know some of my fellow volunteers better, especially one, and had some really good conversations with friends. I’m pretty happy to be here. It was probably my best birthday ever. Sorry, kind of a boring post, just updating on my birthday activity.