The former volunteer at my post in Bangou has a blog, that as far as I can tell she doesn’t update much anymore, but has some great insight into my now post. Some of the experiences she talks about could describe my life here, since she worked at the same bank, lived in the same house and was in the same community. Below are some of the posts that most remind me of my life now:

The first link is about when she found out her post was Bangou, which again, is my post. She gives a great description of what Bangou is like and a bit of its history.

Here she talks about her language troubles, which I can really relate to. I started ‘stag’ at the same language level ‘novice-low’ and ended at the same ‘intermediate-high’, which is misleading since any 5 year old in Cameroun speaks better French than I do.

This post talks about her diet here, which is a lot like mine. Warm beer will forever be fresh beer to me.

The post here talks about her usual day at work in Bangou. It makes me laugh for the similarities and the differences. I spend a lot less time at the bank and more time in the community. However, the days can vary a lot and are pretty unpredictable. In fact, after writing the brief sample below, I don’t think I’ve ever had a day like that.


A brief example of my day:

6:00am – wake up, start heating water.

6:30am – Do push-ups, sit-ups, play Civilization 4 in between sets.

8:00am – eat breakfast, sometimes fried plantains, sometimes ramen noodles with 1 or 2 eggs, sometimes peanuts and a banana. Take a bucket bath with water I heated (every other day) or attend a meeting I have scheduled.

10:00am – play more Civilization 4, write something or read, or go to a meeting I have scheduled with one of the businesses in the community.

12:00pm – get out of the house, greet everyone I pass by, eat lunch at hotel with Aledji or somewhere.

1:00pm-1:45pm – wait for the MC2 (bank) employees to come back to work.

3:45pm – bank day over, go back to my house, change and walk around the village and teaching local businesses about basic accounting.

6:00pm – back in my house, start making something to eat, plantains, ramen noodles or sometimes I’ll get invited to eat with a local at their house or I’ll spend time at the hotel with Aladji

8:00pm – read or play Civilization 4 depending if there is electricity.

9:00pm – sleep time.


Somewhere here is missing language learning, cleaning which takes forever with no running water, funerals which there a couple during dry season, research for whichever business I’m helping or research for the charity, or any of the dozens of different activities I do here that make my life totally unpredictable.