The volunteer before me told me I would have a roommate when I moved in. But other than the dozens of bugs which I’ve now killed, there wasn’t one. In fact, with all the Raid, fogger and other insect and cockroach repellant, I haven’t even seen one cockroach in the last few weeks.

Even in my host family’s home, which was clean, there were bugs seen every day, but not in my house. I clean about every other day or every 3 days, but I could probably go longer because there’s only so much a mess one person can do.

Tonight I’m sitting in front of my computer, at my house, playing a quiet game of Civilization 4 when I hear some munching sounds over near the door. I looked over and thought I saw something move. I go over and sure enough, it’s my roommate, Marcel the Mouse.

Marcel is small, furry, brown and gray; cute even. He has two tiny black eyes, a small pointy nose and small pointy head for his tiny brain.

I watched him behind a box next to my shoes munching on something until he finally saw me and hid under my brown Timberland boot.

Since I live alone in a strange village, in a strange country, I am often bored, so my roommate was sort of nice to see. It gave me a project. I had to catch him!

There he is watching me, watching him.

Among the hundreds of things she’s sent me, where these mouse traps my mom sent me. I put one to either side of my boot and waited.

Nowhere for him to go. I reinforced the glue traps by setting it against whatever was near; A bottle of Windex and an Axe.

I got a little impatient closed one of his exits by setting the glue trap against boot. He had to come out the one side now. You’re MINE!!!

After 15 minutes of sniffing the trap (you sniffed there already!) I got impatient again. He wasn’t doing anything. Neither was I, but I wanted some action. I figured while I waited I could start putting my boiled water in my filter.

I walked about 4 meters away, still within eyesight of my boot and started filtering my water.

Then I heard a noise. I looked, but nothing had moved. I put the filter aside and went back to the boot. Marcel was gone! How did he escape?

And to add insult to escape, he left me a present.

Marcel… we shall meet again.