Here are some possible ideas for names for ‘the Fund’

International Texas Association for Development (ITAD)

American Association for Development (AAD)

Successful Development Association (SDA)

Project Finding Mission Board (PFMB)

Project Finding Association (PFA)

Money for Poor People (MPP)

Money Or Other for People (MOOPS)*

Please vote or comment with an idea. The idea of the fund is to help individual development workers who are integrated with the community fund small projects.

Also, here are a few more projects which we can hopefully help fund:

Anthony Rodriguez Scholarship:

The education system in Cameroun is lags behind the times. This is especially true for kids just entering first grade. In rural villages like Bangou, kids grow up learning only the local language, Bangou, so when they are thrown into first grade, into French only classes, they lag behind, and usually drop out because of lack of economic and educational support at home. There are ‘ecole maternel’ which are the equivalent of kinder garden schools where parents can send their kids to start learning French, and even a little bit of English as well as getting along with other kids and all the other skills that kinder garden teaches. The ‘ecole maternel’ in Bangou Carrefour is run by a very intelligent woman who is truly devoted to helping kids out of the poverty they live in. Her husband is the director for the primary school, so as a tandem, they work to educate kids. Kinder garden is optional and costs 10,000 franks, or about 20 dollars, plus a few supplies they have to bring themselves. Although it isn’t much, it’s more than most rural families can afford with their 1000-3000 franks salary per day. The goal is to find needy families with kids ready for kinder garden that are not currently attending because of financial reasons. Anthony gave me the idea of a scholarship, hence the name.

A little more background about Madam Valerie, the founder of the kinder garden: She is currently losing money, but truly believes in what she’s doing. The year after she started her kinder garden, The people over at the local catholic mission saw what she was doing and started their own kinder garden. From what I heard (which means it might not be true), the priest told the congregation that they were ‘bad’ catholics if they did not send their kids to the catholic kinder garden. They also started promoting their kinder garden as if it cost only 1000 franks, then when the kid was enrolled, they told the parents that it really cost 10,000 franks.

The Meaning of Savings:

People make so little money here they don’t ever bother to count it. That is, most people, especially teenagers, don’t bother to plan for the future, and therefore don’t bother to save. I live in an unnecessarily large house, and there is no running water in the village, so I usually pay someone to do my laundry and wash my floors about once a week. I usually pay 2000 franks (4 dollars) for my laundry and 1000 (2 dollars) to wash my floors. The idea is to keep half of what I’m paying them, and tell them that at the end of one year, I will open an account at the microfinance bank I work at in their name that will be totally theirs. In the meantime, I’ll teach them about the virtues of savings and give them a notebook where they will keep track of how much money they have in their accounts.

There more info on these projects on ‘The Fund’ link to the right.

*If someone gets what I’m referring to, you will definitely get a Christmas card from Cameroun.