I sent out a mass email to update everyone on what I was doing as well as fill everyone in on a charity that Anthony and I have started. It doesn’t have a name yet, but the main goal is to help current development workers like myself, with funding and other help for projects. We are in the process of making it an actual tax-exempt charitable organization (check The Fund page to the right), but in the meantime, I still have a project I would like your help with.

Cadeaux for kids, is a small project I would like to fund to help very needy families I have met. This of course includes Taco’s family. The goal is for them to have a happy Christmas with food (not just peanuts) on the table and a couple of toys under the tree, if they even have a tree, and for them to know that their neighbor to the West, the United States, cares about them.

Hopefully I can get $100 bux donated for this. This should be enough to feed and give toys to about 6 families which I already know will need the help. So far we have $50 bux and a box full of toys, so we don’t need much more! Or if you prefer you can send toys directly to Cameroun via my Peace Corps address: BP 215, Yaoundé, Cameroun.

Anyway, being that I’m doing development work, you knew the day would come when I was going to start asking for stuff. Hopefully, I won’t lose too many friends over it. But I promise not to become one of those sappy infomercials.