I just got 4 packages today, 2 from my mom, one from my sister, and one from the Lee’s (all three of them !)

Although each one had things that made me smile the kind of smile that you wouldn’t trade for a thousand dollars, my favorite things were the pictures.

The Lee’s sent me pictures of their new baby, which as fake as it sounds, made my day. No one wants to see baby pictures, unless they are in Africa and don’t get to see an important moment of their friend’s lives.

The others were pictures my sister sent me of the family. I really do miss them. I didn’t miss them when I lived a short drive from them, even though I didn’t see them that often, but now that I can’t, I really miss them. There is something to be said for people that have to love you. They have to, but you can’t help but love them anyway.

So, encore (again), Merci beaucoup (thank you a lot) pour tout les cadeaux (for all of the gifts). The gifts for families and kids here will go to people that really will appreciate them in ways we can’t, and the things that you sent me will be enjoyed in ways I could never enjoy them in the U.S.

The lee’s package. The photo on top made me laugh, and its now hanging on my photo wall in Bangou, Cameroun.

my mom’s packages. She has sent me close to ten packages by now. The last one is funny. She sent me a ‘Globe’ magazine with brittney spears and brad pit on the cover.

my sis included gifts for girls for Christmas, which I was badly missing. Also some really good junk food. Looks like my weight gain will continue. The Jeff Foxworthy beef jerky made me laugh for about an hour.