Things I’ve eaten for the first time in Cameroon :

A weird nut called coka, which is dry and sour. I didn’t like it.

A fruit called guayave which is sweet. I did like it.

A live termite. It didn’t have much of a taste.

Koki: its dry and a bit spicy. It can be good if prepared well.

Cus-cus: It can be made a variety of ways and it’s more of a compliment which you eat with legume (another new thing which is veggies of some sort) or something else.


I was hanging out at the Hotel in Bangou with my cultural counterpart, his brother, and some other notables, and we were talking about things I haven’t tried. Bush meat, which is meat that you catch out in the wilderness, was the first one that came to mind. Well, Bangou is known for having the best rat in the west, if not Cameroun. They offered to make me some the next day. I had the board meeting for the bank the next day. ‘Pas de problem’, ‘not a problem’, said my counterpart’s brother. They were eating it for breakfast; they said to come back to the hotel at 8 am the next morning.

So I went, and it was probably the best meat I’ve had in Cameroun. They way they prepared it, it tasted like rabbit a bit. The meat was tender, but not as tender as cow intestines.

During breakfast, I met a guy who was from Bangou but now lived in Germany and owned a medical equipment company. He was in Cameroun visiting and trying to make some sales. He asked me a bunch of questions and then he said he wanted to hire me. I told him I couldn’t work here. I am under contract with the PC to help the community for free. He told me he’d try again in 2 years.

Afterwards, I went to the board meeting. It lasted almost 6 hours. Some of the administrators actually slept during it, but there was no snoring. They went thru discussions of statutes, rules, previous meetings etc, then lastly to loan review. The loan discussions were thorough but a bit unstructured. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to provide a little insight there. Other than that, it went by smoothly and I met some well-off Camerouneans from around the country.

At night, went to the bathroom about 5 times. My stomach wasn’t quite used to the rat meat.

Sitting on hippo heads during Rahmadan