A woman that works in front of my house came by. She said she knew the previous volunteer and we talked a bit. The way she talked and looked at me made me really uncomfortable so I soon asked her to leave so I could work*

The next day, the same woman came by, just to say hi, and asked if I was going to come see her at work. Since it’s difficult to leave my house without ‘seeing her at work’, I agreed and she left. Later when I left my house I stopped by and chatted a bit. She told me she loved me and wants to be with me. I told her I had a girlfriend*. She didn’t seem to think that was a problem, polygamy is common in Cameroon. So I explained as well as I could that Americans, and I, weren’t like that and that we would ‘jamais’ (never) be together and I would never bring her to the US, which is what she wanted anyway.

A few minutes later, her uncle came by and we spoke for a bit, and he told me how she had told him about me. I thought great. He was a really friendly guy and not at all bad to talk to, but the lights were out in Bangou and it was starting to get dark so I decided to leave. The woman said she was leaving too and she would walk me home. I live across the street so I said fine.

We walked across to my house and I stood in front of my gate without opening it, turned to her and said bye. She asked ‘Nous allons couche maintenant?’* I told her that would never happen and to please leave. I said it rudely, and I wanted to, but it didn’t seem to phase her at all. Again, it’s Cameronean culture, you can’t get any if you don’t ask.

The next day I saw then uncle as I went to work and he gave me some advice. He said in broken English, ‘Always wear a condom with women here.’

*Play Civilization 4

*I don’t

*Are we going to have sex now?

riding comfortably in a bush taxi. It’s actually easier with knees on your ass and a petit chouffer to lean against.