The Taco problem was kind of getting on my nerves. Taco likes to come around for no purpose at all, just to hang out at my house. I feel uncomfortable with this because I don’t know him, I can’t really communicate very well with him and I don’t have Antonio’s gift with children.

I was sitting at my house after work and knew that at some point Taco was going to show up. The thought alone unnerved me. I had absolutely nothing for him to do, I didn’t want to talk to him and I knew he would come in and just look at my with those big eyes as if expecting me to show him the meaning of life at any moment. I was resolute in telling him to leave as soon as he came, that I needed my space the first few weeks and I the purpose of life is to eat as much cabbage as you can.

So he came in with big smile and I immediately started lecturing him on why I didn’t think he should come by for the next few weeks. After my little lecture he said, “nourriture”. Which means food in French. Who am I Aunt Jemima? I got no pancakes kid, scram. He just looked at me, said bye and left.

Did I really just turn down giving food to a starving child in Africa? As soon as he left, I realized what I had done. In my annoyance, I set I really bad example of what Americans are like. I went out looking for him but couldn’t find him. Then I went to the little BBQ spot where you buy meat on a stick for 100 franks a pop. As I munched on the delicious cow meat, I felt really really bad. I just paid 100 franks, which is about 20 cents, and I told Taco to scram.

I went back home. The next day I called the previous volunteer and asked her to tell me about Taco. She said that his father had died about a year ago, leaving behind a number of kids and a wife. Taco’s mom was visited is visited by about 5 different men who help support her. She is very irresponsible with her kids and just sends them out ‘on ville’ to fend for themselves.

Obviously, I’m nominating this kid of African kid of the year or at least for sponsor ship in the ‘Angel’s African kid Christmas Program”, being chaired by Antonio. More details to come about that.

In the meantime I gotta find some work for this kid to do.

taco’s house


 Taco’s house. he lives there with 8 kids and his irresponsible mom


I gave mysef a haircut. The dry season, which gets hot is coming.