I finally finished ‘War and Peace’ by Leo Tolstoy. It took me longer than I wanted but then again I was learning a new language.


I don’t read many fiction books, but I this one is probably the best I’ve ever read. It’s a bit slow, but the end and the lesson it teaches totally make it worthwhile.


I see myself most in Pierre Bezúkhov, one of the main characters. He inherits great wealth and all its responsibilities, and makes it his main goal to find purpose in life. He analyzes everything and tries to find purpose in many things, but analyzes everything and makes everything so complex that he never has peace. Encouragingly, in the end he finds salvation and peace.


I’ve always thought myself as a very analytical person, which tests seem to prove (I always do well in the analytical parts), and it helps me understand things better. I think it’s a talent I get from my dad. But with many subjects, especially one like life, one problem just belies another much bigger problem. And in my inherent need to analyze something I keep going deeper and deeper into problems that sometimes can’t be solved. This is frustrating for someone that always wants the answer and wants to know that it’s the right one.


But the answers to the most complex problems often seem to be the most simple. That doesn’t necessarily make it right, or even an answer, but it gives a path to travel.