It’s hard to put into words what it’s like to be here. Every little thing that happens make you think, because it’s so different than anything I’ve ever done or experienced before. From trips to the open air marché, disputing prices of soap, sitting on my patio reading war and peace listening to Cameroonian music in the background and the sound of bush taxi’s trying to get one more passenger into their ridiculously crowded cars. It’s all new to me.

In fact looking around now, I can point out things, like looking at my bed, which I just finished setting up. It consists of three sponge-material mattresses on top of each other, placed strategically in the middle of my living room so that I could nail a mosquito net to the roof. My small refrigerator is filled with water bottles since I don’t have a stove that I need to boil water, and beers, which is better than drinking well water. My laptop is plugged into a power surge protector to protect against the frequent surges and blackouts and I just finished watching ‘Blood Diamond’ during which the mention of the Peace Corps and the subsequent derogatory comment towards it made me smile a bit.

I guess surreal is the word that best describes it, although the thing as a whole is made up of 30 other words that describe different parts of my day.

For example, I asked my counterpart if he could find someone to clean my house for me. Later that day, I’m coming down the small hill into my house, which is also used as a public restroom, when I see the woman right in front of me pull up her skirt, pop a squat and explicitly start pissing in front of my house door. I make my way to get inside my house and I hear my name called. The lady is calling my name while looking at me and still pissing. Turns out she’s my counterpart’s sister. Later she came over, cleaned my floor and washed my clothes.

PS. I can only get online once a week now, so I won’t be able to update this as often.

the well
This is where people go to fetch water. it’s down a steep muddy hill about a kilometer from my house. I probably wont make the trip again.


This annoys the crap out of me. I’ll sit in a taxi, waiting to leave and kids will just stand by the door and stare at me. Granted, they may have never seen an American before, but come on.

rookie getting water

This is rookie, he now goes to the well for me and gets me water. He ‘deranged’ a bit a few days ago, but he’s a good, simple, hard-working guy.