After shopping I came home with even more stuff with nowhere to put it and a still dirty house. So I got to work.

The house is pretty big for one person so I decided to focus mostly on the kitchen and the living room. I swept all around (the floor, the walls, the ceiling) and took out some garbage. That took me about 2 hours. I needed a break by then so I went to some agricultural fete that the Chef invited me to. At the fete I ate some Koki begne which are donuts made with beans and piment (hot sauce). They were delicious but my stomach wasn’t quite ready for them yet.

I walked to the Chef’s house and he seemed happy to see me. The Chef (who is part of the traditional royalty and is referred to by everyone as San Majesty) said a few things and started telling me that they just got some computers for the town and want me to teach them how to use them. I’m not here as an education volunteer but I told him I would. I’ll probably end up holding some smaller sessions for the elites of the town and the school teachers and hopefully they can take it from there. Now would be a good time for an IT volunteer in Bangou. I wrote before that I wasn’t disposed to teaching computers in small villages that have much bigger problems, but it seems like the more complex the technology, the more the Cameroonians are interested. It will be interesting trying to teach computers where the electricity is off half the time.

The fete was interesting though. It was put on by the rural women farmers and it’s basically a way for them to show off the fruits of their labor. The majority of the town’s important people were there except for the newly elected major to Bangou, which also happens to be the mother in law to the President of Cameroun. Each of them gave a 5 minutes speech followed by a song by the rural women which seemed liked a song of praise and thanks to whoever just spoke. If the song was particularly good, the important person would actually dance to it as well. I couldn’t understand half the things they said so after 2 or 3 speeches I started getting antsy. They finished and I went back home on a motto.

Back home I realized how little I had done and it was already 3pm, so I finished cleaning up a bit more and set up my bed for the night. I didn’t actually count but I may have found around 50-100 dead bugs while sweeping. All the Raid and fogger your guys sent me seem to be working. I also fixed the refrigerator myself so I now have cold drinks*, which is quite a luxury in my small village.

*although only when there is electricity

My house as it stands now.

How I spend most my nights, by candlelight boiling water.

Taco loves to draw