J’ai fini la formation !

I am finally at post. I am only 20 minutes away so I was the first one dropped off with the bus. It was fun and once I got there I was really excited and danced around while listening to music and cleaning.

The night before going to post many of the volunteers decided to go out to the local discotek and drink and dance to celebrate our new freedom. Some of us stayed up pretty late and drank a bit so waking up at 7am was a little out of the question.

My host mom luckily woke me up at 8am. When she asked what time we were supposed to leave to post, I said 8am. So I ran up, got dressed, sans underwear, and left to post. They were waiting for me when I got there, but at least they didn’t leave without me.

After getting dropped off, I went thru the whole spectrum of emotions. My first one was total joy of being at my own house, and I ran around doing 10 things at once. Next was being overwhelmed at how much I have to do. The house is bare but dirty, and I already have tons of stuff from packages some friends and family have sent, and nowhere to put them. Ensuite, I sat down and I realized I was hungover, dirty, sans underwear, lonely and bored. I got a sudden urge to never leave my house; to not go outside. I needed to eat something, but that means starting my work; integration into the community. Finally, I finished unpacking, sprayed the house full of Raid and went back to my host parents’ house. I guess some things never change.

 Andrew and I dancing it up in our bubus

PS. Mark sent me a package. From what I hear, that is a record during stag, I’ve now received 8 packages. Thanks for the stuff Mark. I’ll wear that Cowboy’s jersey proudly.

PPS. One of the volunteers decided to were still in high school and made a questionnaire along the lines of ‘best couple, most likely to succeed, etc. for the last edition of 39 strangers, the newspaper for our training group. I received the following:

Tied for second for ‘most improved French’

Tied for first in ‘most likely to get admin-sept*’

‘Most likely to drink well water and get sick’

I never got voted anything in high school, so I guess this makes up for it.

*admin-sept: when the PC kicks you out of the country