I went to a Cameroonian discothèque and it was by far the most fun I’ve ever had at a club. No one I was with or in the club cared about making fools of ourselves, and we all went out and danced like idiots to music we didn’t understand.

One of the female volunteers was approached by a Cameroonian man and started dancing with him. It’s SO funny watching a Cameroonian dancing with an American. The volunteer was doing the dumbest dance moves, and the Cameroonian would imitate her. The sprinkler, the pigeon head and half the Napoleon Dynamite moves, including the one where he’s in front of a class doing interpretative dancing and he acts out with his hands how a dove flies away, were performed. We were cracking up laughing watching them dance and this poor Cameroonian learning the hard lesson that being a dancing lemming is not a good idea.

Cameroonian discothèques are different than American clubs in other ways. There are mirrors in front of the dance floor and people shove each other trying to get in front of it to watch themselves dance. If a woman were to approach them while dancing in front of the mirror, they would shove her out of the way so he could continue watching himself dance. I tried it myself, but frankly, I much prefer watching Cameroonians dance.


some of the volunteers after the discoteque

one of the biggest pains in the ass here, is that it rains a lot during rainy season, and you get mud all over the place.