Already my standards are changing.

In the US I look for a couple things on a ‘femme’. I want legs without hair, heavily perfumed body, hair that smells good, feet that aren’t dirty and breath that isn’t stinky. In Cameroon I’d settle for a ‘femme’ that has showered in the last week.

Who knows this might be a good thing. Not necessarily saying that the first list is shallow, but they can mask simple-minded, shallow individuals and can cloud men’s judgments. If I can find a girl with hairy legs, stinky b.o., nappy hair and crusty feet attractive, then that must be one awesome girl.


Since I now know where I’ll be working, I think I might get an intern, like when Kramer got an intern for Kramerica, his company that was going to build bladder systems for oil tankers. I can pay the intern a negligible salary and teach him all I know. I’m sure my vast knowledge of Seinfeld will pay off dividends in due time.

PS. I found out I passed my language exam. I am an intermediate-high French speaker, which means I’m pretty much all set for post!

Andrew with my helmet on. If PC ever found me without my helmet on while riding a bike, they would kick me out of the country!