Anthony’s package is ridiculous. I got his boxes and people were so shocked they were actually mad at me getting so much stuff, as if Anthony’s packages was tying up the postal system and keeping their packages from reaching them.

That day we had 6 hours of language classes and I was very frustrated in how the class was going. So much so that at one point I threw my pencil and walked out of the class. I told the teacher than it wasn’t him (although his teaching style doesn’t help), but I was just frustrated and needed a break. So we took a break, and that’s when I saw a friend get package and he said that the whole van was full of packages for me.

So I RAN over there, with a small entourage who helped me carry the packages to the SED* house. I was just on a break, but people wouldn’t let me leave without opening the packages. I actually felt kind of bad that I had so much stuff, and I could tell people were kind of jealous but at the same time thought I had the best friends ever. Some volunteers thought Anthony must be some kind of rich tycoon. Maybe one day, but this is just the act of a generous person. One of the other volunteers pointed this out; that even if you have the money for it, the hassle and effort of doing it speaks more than the act itself.

At the same time, I had a package from my parents and a package from Chad and Amanda L. So in all I had six packages to open. After I opened them all and everyone stared at me with amazement of wonder what the heck made me so special to receive so much, I had to have 3 other people help me carry the packages to my house. There was no way I was going to be able to sneak the caravan into my house without everyone noticing, so I just told them it was stuff for my house when I move out in 3 weeks. Almost half of all the stuff I received were cadeaus* for my host family and kids though. I can’t wait to give it to them.

Thanks SO much Anthony, Chad & Amanda L. and my parents. This helps me feel at home. I’m sure they are going to love the gifts.

PS. At this point I have too MUCH stuff. If you were planning on sending me things, please wait about a week, by which I’ll be at post so I won’t have to carry so many things in a small bush taxi.

PPS. Antonio, you sent me an ungodly number of beanie babies and roach and insect killer. There won’t be any caffards* within a one kilometer perimeter of me.


SED: Small Enterprise Development

cadeaus: gifts

caffards: cockroaches

Antonio’s packages:

The Lee’s package

Package from my mom