Being in a foreign country makes you realize how much you miss being an American. At no time is that more evident than fourth of July. As Americans in another country, we miss the most American of all holidays, so we resort to being stereotypical Americans for the fourth, to the amusement of our Cameroonean collegues.

We cooked hamburgers and French fries (all from scratch of course), played 90’s rock songs and some drank more than we’re allowed (We are only allowed one grand beer or two petite beers.) At one point a bunch of people were in a circle and there was a dance off between Americans and Camerooneans. I’m going to call it a draw.

Also, like any true party, there were the token fireworks, which was the talk of all the volunteers. We had been waiting to see who were going to be the first people to hook-up.

me with my packages!